Sunday, June 28, 2009

Good Bye Twitter!!

This is hard. I have asked so many of my friends to connect with me through Twitter and now I am leaving you. A very wise women has recently admitted that her relationship with Twitter and Facebook has been very unhealthy. To much time was spent reading posts and the other related emails and games. She mentioned that the time she spent online was precious time lost from her family. I admire her courage to disconnect from this cyber-world and reconnect to the world that really matters.

My reasons for wanting out are that I am not in love with this way of communicating. Messages between friends and strangers that are only words leave out so much information. Sometimes the most telling part of communication is the facial expression or the tone of ones voice. I feel like I am not only getting only half the message but also half the truth. I have often felt that I am missing the love half. My feelings have been hurt from numerous remarks that could be considered sly or catty and I feel that many times if the other half of the message had been witnessed, the feelings could have been spared. Once valued friendships have reached almost toxic levels. In an effort to let love abound, I feel I need to let truth abound. The only way to do that is to gain the whole truth. I want REAL relationships. I want to heal those relationships that have been damaged by misleading tweets both by my fault and the fault of others.

When I die, I want people gathered around my graveside. Not a bunch of tweets on my screen.

Blessings and Love, Kim O


  1. Well said! I'm finding myself that Twitter was fun for a while and even helped with my buisness. Alas, it is loosing it's appeal and benefit for me also.
    I do really enjoy facebook though. Connecting with people it is hard to see face to face sharing pictures and things with them.
    I have been thinking, why not spend more time in my fantastic new yard than at the computer :)
    Hugs & Blessings!

  2. Kim, I'm so glad to know that you are doing this with us! Thank you for your letter this morning and for your post here today! Lets all strive to be the best we can be! :-)

  3. Saw your post through sheteam and just wanted to comment. I agree with you. I refuse to allow one more "social" tool pull me away from my little ones. I don't post in my blog anymore and even limit the amount of time I spend promoting my shop and answering convos these days. Your blessings will be found in your family and loved ones. All the best to you!

  4. I think many of us struggle with this balance of knowing how much computer time to allow in our daily lives. Thank you for sharing your heart and encouraging us all to be mindful of our time.
    K Low (from SHE Team)

  5. I just started on twitter, but you articulated just why I was reluctant in the first place. Thank you for sharing honestly, it's reminding me to follow my instincts. I do enjoy blogs because I feel you get to "know" the person. However, there are always new blogs to explore so I want to keep an eye on how much time I spend blogging.

  6. I recently had a storm take out my wireless internet connection along with the computer, TV, phone,and a few other minor items. It was great getting away from the computer, twitter and e-mail for awhile. It has let me re-examine how I spend my time. I'm planning on limiting my time from the screen and getting involved in real life again.

    May you be blessed my your decision to reconnect with family and friends.

  7. I had almost decided to start tweeting even though I barely have time for my etsy, blog, and facebook! I'm gonna continue to stay on hold from it now... thanks!

  8. WOW!!! I am getting a ton of wonderful feedback on this decision!! It's good to see that I have so much support!! Love you all!

    Blessings, KimO

  9. What a great choice, Kim. I also have a pseudo addiction to all things bloggy. It's so out of control. Thanks so much for your words of wisdom. Time to spend time in front of my sewing machine instead of my computer screen!